What Is Enduro?

Enduro is a relatively new but wildly popular racing format based on the mountain biking discipline commonly known as all mountain riding.

The Santa Cruz Super Enduro is based on the European format that features multiple stages (timed downhill special stages and untimed transfer stages), a technically and physically challenging course for amateur and professional racers alike, and an environment of friendly competition (think everyday ride with your mates combined with the competitive spirit of a race). The camaraderie inherent in this race format invokes that feeling of “big stoke” everyone enjoys after a great day of riding with friends on stellar trails, instead of the stress and tension more typically associated with racing. There’s no need to acquire special equipment—competitors simply run the rig they enjoy everyday trail riding on.

This race format demands a high level of fitness and stamina to complete long, strenuous climbing sections within an allotted period of time, as well as excellent handling skills to take on the technically challenging timed descents. In the end, results will be calculated by combining the downhill special stage finish times and time penalties into one overall finish time. Consistency is important, but stage wins are sweet.

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Camaraderie. Beer. Stoke. Enduro. Photo: Scott McClain, Called to Creation

Camaraderie. Beer. Stoke. Enduro. Photo: Scott McClain, Called to Creation